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free download 4.13.2 apk for android




What is App? is an android app and social media platform to creating, sharing , making and discovering short videos for an android a iphones. 
Everyday there are millions of people using the and app to create their own videos and express themselves through lip-syncing, singing, dancing and acting.

How to use a android App?

You may seen there are a lot of videos on Facebook , Instagram and Other social networking sites. app allow us to lip sync to songs and either make hand emotions, dance and voice over to skit that people act or finally 3 people can do skit or message that funny, or serious or beautiful sometimes people even put a short bits of themselves singing, dancing and other acts on

What does Featue mean in

Beside all these there are editing tools too which you can edit your videos after creating and share with the world. allow us to use their music and sound libraries , sticker, faces, beauty affects to make videos more charming.
Edit your video on easily with thousand of free music clips, video clips and different of music like classical, pop, Rock, jazz, and many more.
Musically has millions of libraries you can search by using country,singer, movie, genre and so on.

Why do people like app?

once your video is done than you can share with the world or you can also share it with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. 
Join today and make your own video to show with the world. is free of cost you can download now link is already given install it now and enjoy.

Features of App

  • Pick your video and show to people.
  • Get more exposure through views, likes and comments.
  • is a global video community. 
  • Add your favorite music to your videos 
  • Join the community of creators & show your talent 
  • Use emoji stickers and face filters.

Additional Information

Size: 63M
Installs: 100,000,000+
Updated: July 16, 2018
Required Version: 4.1 and up


Facebook Lite APK for Android


Facebook Lite
Rating 4.3 based on 8,470,987



Facebook announce a new version for android users where the data connection is poor and takes a lot of time to load. As we know Facebook is social networking site where we can meet an strange people .Facebook lite is simple and easier to use to keep adding people to your network. The Facebook lite is small allow us to save picture, videos and allow us to post a status on Facebook in 2G condition.

There are a lot of feature same a Facebook app  such as sharing a timeline, liking photos, searching for a people, creating a group , pages an post in groups etc.
You can easily find a family and friends

Facebook Lite vs the Facebook Main app
Download: The Facebook main app is 35mb and Facebook is constantly updating while Facebook Lite version is 435kb.
Ram: The Facebook app contains many features so it occupies at least 150mb to 300mb of RAM in the background while Facebook Lite consumes 50mb to 150mb of the RAM.
User Interface: The Facebook main app has a smoother UI and high-quality images. With that, the app consumes more data while the Lite version is the opposite.
Chat: Chat is available on the Lite version while the user has to download the Messenger app when using the main Facebook app. It is an additional consumption of RAM.
Multimedia: On Facebook Lite the videos do not play automatically. It saves data.
Costs: Both apps are free but downloads, updates, and data transfer are easier on the Lite version.
Speed: The Lite version is faster than the main app.
Notifications, alerts, audio: The Lite version reduces the alerts and pops up notifications.
Facebook lite: Work on slow internet speed, use low amount of bandwidth, very optimized, Don't need Facebook messenger to send received messages. Consume low amount of battery, Videos will not play on the Facebook Lite app. Load faster than Facebook standard version. Limited features. Very low size take less RAM and storage.


  • Fast to install — size is less than 1 MB
  • Quick to load
  • Efficient with data
  • Designed for 2G networks and areas with limited network connectivity

Additional Information

Name: Facebook lite 
Size:  34 Mb
Installs: 500,000,000+
Updated: July 11, 2018
Required Version: 4.0 and above


Careem - Car Booking App 8.6.0 for Android - Download


 Careem - Car Booking App

Rating 4.6 based on 531,946 Reviews



Careem is an android car booking app for safe and sound, reliable and affordable for every person. Now it become easy people to book a Careem instead of waiting for cab. Careem is available everywhere you need it.
You do not need to worry for parking traffic, rent waiting for taxi. you have to stay at home and book a Careem by using a Careem app.

What are prerequisites for Careem app?

There are two things needed to use a Careem app first one is that you should have a Careem app install on your phone if you do not have then you could install then link is already given. The second thing that you need is that you should have a internet package on mobile or laptop or whatever. These are the two things which are most important to use a Careem booking app.

 Once you have download the app next step is to sign up and create account. After creating account then you to login by username and password.
Then pin your location and and click on ride now the nearest Careem captain will receive your request and will reach to you in couple of minutes.

What makes Careem booking application Awesome.
  • Easy to use because it is very much easy than lifting your arm to a cab.
  • Careem have different options to Bike, mini, mini go, business class.
  • Careem booking app provide a fair estimate of fare according to the distance.
  • Using GPS you can track and captain can easily reach and drop where you want.
  • Having a choice a great. Pay the way you want either cash or by credit card.
 How doses careem generate cash.
Booking at Careem can be divided into 3 basic categories:
  1. NOW
  2. LATER
  3. REPEAT (Same booking for every day within a prescribed period).
Now for each booking/trip, the basic payment options are:
  1. Cash
  2. Credit Card
  3. Invoice
  4. Credit in Wallet (Same as Cash)
This is absolutely true that Careem has a certain percentage in every trip fare 
Careem Service is available 24/7 in major countries like Pakistan, Turkey and Dubai.

Main Features

  • Easy to use
  • Fair estimate of fare
  • Safe and sound
  • No need to waiting as for cab
  • Immediate taxi booking
  •  Pre-sheduled taxi service
  • Reached on time

Additional Information

Name: Careem Booking app
Size: 43 Mb
Installs: 10,000,000+
Updated: 8 July, 2018
Required Version: 4.0 and above
Current Version: 8.6.4


BIGO LIVE 3.16.2 for Android - Download | BIGO LIVE - Live Stream


BIGO LIVE 3.16.2 for Android - Download

Rating  4.4 Reviews 2,299,219



What is the BIGO Live App ?
BIGO is an android live broadcasting app for mobile platform where every can be live own stream to the world.
BIGO allow you to watch live videos broadcast your life events like marraige, engagement, propose a girls and so many event that you can share with the rest of the world.
BIGO give you the opportunity to watch live videos which is making by other people. In this article i will show you how to use and install a BIGO app and make live videos.
Another thing that BIGO app give you is that you can win prizes by collecting beans without spending money.

How to use a BIGO live app ?
  • First thing that is very much important to use a live BIGO app is that you should have android smart phone.
  • Then you have to go to google play store if you have android phone otherwise if you have and iPhone then you have to go to app store  from where you can download BIGO live app and install into your phone.
  • Once the installation is done then open the BIGO app if you are using first time then you need to signup or either you can sign up by using facebook, gmail and google plus to sign up.
  • Once you have sign up then login into your account and then it will a required permissions you have to provide.
  • After successful registration into your account it will redirect to the homepage where you will shown all the live videos which other user are making but one thing you have to remember is that you cannot call to them. 
  • Last but least then you can broadcast live video.
How to i earn money from BIGO live app?

You can earn money by using BIGO live broadcasting app when someone send you gift or Coin then you can convert these coins into money. Another way that you can earn is that you can collect bean so the you can earn money when beans no is cross above 300 hundred the you could earn one dollar.

There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world are making video and earn money by collecting beans and gift which are send by their fans. Once they receive beans and gifts then they convert those beans and gift into the cash.

If we talk about the users of BIGO live app the it has reached 200 million user around the world.

Then why are you waiting Download the BIGO App now and join us to broadcast your life with the world and get a fans and cash too.

Main Features
  • Broadcast live 
  • Watch live stream
  • Earn money
  • Make fans
  • Multi-guest live
  • Match and line
  • Exchange Gifts with fans
  • Game streaming
  • People nearby
  • Popular app
  • Easy to use

Additional information

Name: BIGO live app
Size: 39 Mb
Updated: 12 July, 2018
Installs: 100,000,000+
Required Version: 4.0 and above
Current Version: 4.1.0


Free Download Facebook Downloader


Free Download Facebook Downloader



Downloader is software which enable us to download and save any type of video in our mobile or PC memory.
Facebook downloader is one of them which is used to download a videos from the Facebook. This software is best application among other software which is  very easy to use and have good interface.
Facebook download allow us to browse videos on Facebook from your Feeds, timeline and by search choose a video which you want to download then simply click on video which you want to download a pop up will open where it will ask you to whether you want to watch or download from there you can select by your choice.
Facebook downloader is best Fbdownloader without any reason it need simple and some clicks to download a Facebook video. 
Facebook Downloader app is free and it has no any hidden charges it is totally free of cost you can download from google play store and install in your android mobile and download videos from Facebook. 
Another the most amazing thing about Facebook downloader is that it for both android and iPhone too.
If you want to use in pc or laptop then you can simply it extension to a google chrome from there you can easily download the videos.
A best Facebook downloader is available in google play store and appstore download now and enjoy the videos.
Another good feature that Facebook gives us is that by using the video from one format to another format you do not need separate converter to convert the videos.

Can I download Facebook live Videos?
This answer of this question is Yes you can easily download the live videos from Facbook after the finish live streaming.

What about copyrighted video or Audio?
There is question is that can we download a copyrighted video or audio for this we find the solution to download such video you can download only audio or only video. Simply you will click on "Video with no audio" so  you can download only video without audio.

How to use ?
There are few simple steps to download and use for free steps are below.
  1. Download link is given or download from google play store.
  2. Install in your android phone.
  3. Open Facebook app.
  4. click on Facebook for mobile.
  5. Login your id.
  6. Browse a video to download.
  7. Click on video
  8. Click download to download the video.

Key Features

  • Free to Download
  • Easy to use.
  • Download live videos.
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy interface
  • Watch videos
  • Fbdownloader is for Facebook only

Additional Information

Name: Fbdownloader
Size: 9.5 mb
Installs: 500,000+
Updated: 11 Feb, 2017
Current Version: 1.0.2
Required android Version: 4.0 and above

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Free download Telegram for Android


Free download Telegram for Android



Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. Over 100 million active users in two and a half years.

FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.

SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your devices at once. Start typing on your phone and finish the message from your tablet or laptop. Never lose your data again.

UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.

SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

POWERFUL: You can create group chats for up to 20,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.), and even set up bots for specific tasks. It's the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages in the minimum bytes possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections. 

FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs.

SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we are taking great care to keep the interface clean. With its minimalist design, Telegram is lean and easy to use.

100% FREE & NO ADS: Telegram is free and will always be free. We are not going to sell ads or introduce subscription fees. 

PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give third parties access to your data.

For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use end-to-end encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today.


Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. Cloud-Based. Telegram lets you access your messages from multiple devices. Fast. Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application. Distributed. Telegram servers are spread worldwide for security and speed. Open. Free. Secure. Powerful.


Download Hercules The Official Game v1.0.2


 Hercules Mod Apk

  Rating 4.7 based on 123,763 reviews

Hercules mod Apk Screenshot

Description About Hercules Mod

HERCULES is one of the most downloaded game on play store having high resolution   3D graphics and look like a realistic and very high ended animations and character’s which is famous for having lots of hit’s on play This  game is based on   the story  of one  brave  man  his name is Hercules.
Which has extremely high ended graphics and excellent sound? 

There is nice balance of player and improvements in the game that feels like a real world cases. There is lot of exciting levels but some of them are very hard to complete but it’s having exiting to complete. There is nice balance of player and improvements in the game that feels like a real world cases.

This game is strategic game you can defend and defect you enemy with having good strategy. This provides excellent graphic & physics engine that give real feeling of fight .defeat your enemies faster & more power. World famous action game is now on your play store. You can download from link which given below awesome graphics & well listening sound. We hope that the game is top in the role game category in near future. There is no any compatibility issue regarding android version. All this proves the excellent physics and arts knowledge skills of the development team. This game is special for maturity level.

The game latest and popular for android gamer it has more users have all around the world. This give us lot of money to make own hero with extra power and resources. Hercules is a brave hero of Greece. 

Make your own way by ancient .finish your enemy with stunning ultimate moves.
The latest game is available now to download and install for free. The game introduces the new and amazing moves and actions you will be observing hundreds of the new super moves to destroy your enemies. 

Features OF Hercules Game:

v  Best Fighting moves and Actions.
v  Awesome sound and graphic.
v  Powerful enemies and Powerful Player.

Additional Features about Hercules mod

Name: Hercules mod
Size: 70 mb
Updated: December, 2017
Android Version: 4.0 and above

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Battle Islands APK Download - Free Strategy GAME for Android Mobiles


Battle Islands APK Download

Rating 4/5 based on 138, 932 reviews

Battle Island Apk Screenshot

Battle Island app Description

Battle Island is the Most Popular and famous android game battle island is a real time strategy game which is quite similar to famous game Clash of Clans. Where you have to lead your soldier team and protect your island from enemies. The Battle Island Mod is the most awaited game for a long time by the people, finally the game is released.

Battle Island is the best Action game developed by 505 games and DR studios. If we talk about the game play then let me tell you that you have to build your strategy to defend it from the opponent.

Battle island game has many missions and dozens of online other missions too. While fighting with your enemy you have to look after your defense. You will face stunning moves of the panzers. . The game introduces the new and amazing moves and actions you will be observing hundreds of the new super moves to destroy your enemies.

This games is show the strategy moment of army man. In this game you will see digital and latest air craft and its stunning moves. You use different and dynamic weapons like AK47, Sniper, machine gun and LMG and other powerful weapons.
Battle Island for android is strategy game where you all have to work in team work that will great impact to defeat enemies.

Online Battle game has good Graphics and excellent animations and moves will make you love playing it and you will find worth it downloading. There is nice balance of player and improvements in the game that feels like a real world cases, more & latest panzer and air craft having extraordinary war capabilities. And you can camping on ice and danger mounting and one thing that I have to mention that this game is based on World War II.

One of best feature of battle island game for android mobile is that there is no any compatibility issue regarding android version.

Build your own team and try to get win with team work. You will see real stunning moves of solider. The teach us how to command and lead your team .and which way is goes to victory and which strategy is best and also its impact this game is best android game for game lover.

Features of Battle Island 

v  More & latest panzer and air craft having extraordinary.
v  Best Fighting moves and Actions.
v  Awesome sound and graphics to listen and to see.
v  A unique upgrade system for each battle weapons and player.
v  Dynamic enemies having powerful weapons.,
v  Stunning strategy game modes.

Additional Information about Battle Island

Name: Battle Island apk
Size: 66 mb
Updated: December, 2017
Required Android: 4.0 and above

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Download Battle Age Mod apk 1.9 for Android


Battle Age Mod Apk

Rating 4.5/5 based on 72,461 reviews

Battle Age Mod Screenshot

Battle Age Mod Description

Battle Age Mode Introduction

Battle Age Mod is the latest & and most famous game for android loving people. The Battle Age Mod is the most enjoyable game for the people of any maturity level as children and young ones too, this game is developed by the famous game developed by 505 game Srl source, which is also best known development source for popular strategy games, the latest version of the game is available now to download and install for free.
You can download it from the link given that we have already given. Use your workers and build building and store food for army. They have latest and famous weapons to use the defense the enemies. New and powerful weapons to aid your fight.
While playing the battle age mode game for android I am damn sure you will enjoy a true sense of war field while playing it, and this game is strategy game to be awesome in the strategy game category.
They have difficult leaves and face the powerful enemies. When we talk about the Graphical interface of online battle mode battle mod game have good graphic result. The game teaches as how to lead any civilization to time period for modern age. Make an empire and follow is orders.
The Battle Ages is supported by all previous versions of the android platform to target its large number of users around the world. There is no any compatibility issue regarding android versions. They have define your own strategy to prove your skills to them as well this is very interesting game 

Battle Ages Game Features

v  Battle ages game have Excellent HD graphics to be observed in the game.
v  Online battle game teaches us How to lead any civilization.
v  Follow order and its rule.
v  Age of kings skyward battle defeat your enemies.
v  Powerful weapons to get and defeat enemies.
v  Battle mod have HD graphics.
v  Build building forces and buildings too.
v  Large scale number of enemies to defeat.
v  Various dynamic strategies to follow.

Additional Info of battle ages apk

Name: Battle Age Mod
Updated: December, 2017
Size: 14 mb
Android Version: 4.0 and above

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Gun Shoot War 2.0 for Android - Download


Gun Shoot War 2.0 Apk
  Rating 4.2/5 based on 411973 reviews

Gun Shoot War Screenshot

Gun Shoot Game Description

Gun shoot war game is android based shooting game which is very interesting game of single person shoot game. This is one of most popular game among s free shooting game. Gun shooting is perfect and coolest 3D animation that will admire you while playing you can play this game by using the joystick in computer PC or laptop . One thing that i should mentioned earlier but i forget to add no mention i am telling you now that Gun shooting game is available for android, iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft and available for PC too.

This game game sniper 3d has a lot of varieties like shooting modes, Levels, Weapons, War fields, Tasks and many more which will make you more excite. While shooting you have to be very careful because you enemies, terrorist are fully armed your little mistake take you to death so every single step you have to take forward more attentively and face them with great courage.

Gun shoot war for android is has splendid graphics it has very simple frame and GUI that will help you to play the game quite nicely. The good thing about shoot gun war is that this is available for both offline and online you can play online if you have a net connection or you can download it offline and install in you smart phone or install in your computer too.

As i mentioned above that it has different levels when you cross your level then you will get the gold coins in reward that coins will used to buy a advanced/powerful weapon. 

Sniper war shoot game has another feature that you can make your team against the enemies that you will have more chance to win the battle against terrorist. 

so grab the Gun shoot war game now for the android link is already given download it and install on you smart mobile and feel to sniper shooting game.

Features of Online Gun Shoot War 

  • sniper game exquisite picture and GUI, 
  • shooter game has multiple maps,Dust Wall and Maze
  • Shoot war is simple,operation, touch whole screen operation,
  • Easy to changeable control sensitivity.
  • realistic combat experience, rich combat action and combat sound
  • leader boards on which you can share more fun with global players

Additional Info

Name: Gun shoot war 
Size: 6 mb
Updated: December, 2017
Required Android: 4.0 and above

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Apex Launcher for Android - Download


Apex Launcher Apk

Rating 4.3/5 based on 251,387 reviews

App Screenshot

 Apex Description

Apex Launcher is android apk for android mobile to customize your mobile screen according to your wish with different available theme. Apex launcher is one of most popular android app among the android user to change their mobile screen.

The features which make it unique as compared to other apps is that you can rotate, change size, color, dock icon with enough space for above seven icons, infinite scroll anywhere on mobile device,  hundreds of transition effects between different screens, Hide certain icon from homepage.

Beside all these features you can do a lot with your  home screen you can customize your icon, folders, screen gestures to use on your screen beside that there are dozens of other features too.

Apex launcher app for android is free to download it doesn't need any subscription. It has potential to makeover your phone completely that you will not believe  that your phone becomes.

When we talk about its installation installing apex is so simple. You just need to download the app download link is already given after downloading Apex launcher there are two versions of the app one is free and another is pro with different features. 

If you need full features of this app then probably you have to buy pro app .Once you install the app then you will ask which application you want to use then you must tap on Apex and tap on OK to launch the apex launcher.

Features of Apex Android:  

  • Android launcher download is free to download and use
  • Customize Homepage
  • Available above nine screens.
  • Hide Apps from home screen.
  • Android launcher home page gestures.
  • Apex launcher app have multiple style
  • Apex theme have tons of fancy transition.
  • Folder preview style 
  • Apex android theme have Backup/ restore setting and data too.
  • Infinite scrolling of home screen.
  • Hide individual elements.
  • Advanced theme engine.
  • Additional transition effects.

Additional info about Apex

Name: Apex launcher apk
Size: 3 mb
Updated: July, 2017
Required Android: 4.0 and above

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